LinkedIn Recruiter: best alternative platforms

The many alternatives to LinkedIn for recruiting tech talent

Many recruiters rely on LinkedIn for their recruitment targets.


GitHub is the platform with the most active engineering users, beating LinkedIn and any other platform. A goldmine of rich and up to date candidate information.

Key facts

  • Engineer profiles including activity
  • 65 million users
  • Publishing of code repositories including tech tags

Stack Overflow

With 14 million developers and rich technology skills information based on Q&A’s, Stack Overflow is a must for sourcing tech talent.

Key facts

  • Engineer profiles including activity
  • 14 million users
  • Up to date tech skills data based on tech Q&A activity


The Redditors community is one of the biggest online communities today with 330 million users. Redditors engage in comical, but also professional discussions. When understood, it provides a good opportunity for sourcing talent.

Key facts

  • All profiles
  • 330 million users
  • In depth informal discussions on subject matter topics

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Yuma Heymans

Yuma Heymans

Co-founder of, the talent search engine for tech companies